Make Stuff, Feel Good

I am combining my interest as an artist and maker along with my skills of supporting wellbeing, to offer a range of activities, collectively called Make Stuff, Feel Good.

There is a lot of research and personal experience around links between creativity, craft processes and mental health.

I am delivering this in various ways, groups, workshops and art material packs.

Jenny Pope, Erosion Pools (detail)
Jenny Pope, Erosion Pools (detail)

Portobello Make Stuff, Feel Good Group, Edinburgh

(currently on hold due to Covid -19)

What is it? A monthly gathering of people to make together working on their own craft project, eg knitting, book making, sewing. Also help develop their ideas and work out a plan to continue at home, focus on wellbeing, relaxation, community and accountability.

Who is it for?   Anyone who loves to do craft/art activities and finds it relaxing, absorbing and rewarding. Anyone who loves to talk about making, share ideas, work alongside others in a social, communal sort of way. Someone who wants the space to think and plan a project and how to make it manageable and possible and feel supported in the process. This class is for adults, 16+ years old.

Why Making and chatting together is a great combination for a nourishing evening. It’s also hard to make a commitment to carry on with projects at home after a workshop event/evening class even though you want to.

What it is   Sociable, supportive, non-judgemental, inclusive of everyone,
Respectful of difference in abilities, skills and ambition for projects.
Sharing of knowledge, passion for making processes.
Time to plan for carrying on creating at home.

Bookings for groups are through Eventbrite (currently on hold due to Covid-19)


I have run workshops for people who want to create their own ‘tools for change’, i.e. make a sculpture that reflects challenging a psychological issue in a positive way.

The last one was at the annual SSA exhibition (Society of Scottish Artists) where participants made their own versions of a ‘Creativity Unblocker’.

I provided a large selection of materials, craft supply scraps, secondhand and found objects. People left with their own personal response to what gets in the way of their creativity.

Next ones will be advertised in my newsletter and social media, Facebook and Instagram

Jenny Pope, Workshop Participant
Jenny Pope, Workshop Participant
Jenny Pope, Workshop Participant
Jenny Pope, Erosion Pools (detail)
Jenny Pope, Erosion Pools (detail)

Home kits

A new development, I am running with support from Art Walk Projects where I am responding to our current pandemic crisis with a materials pack to enable you to be creative and promote mental wellbeing in your own home, locally in Portobello and wider afield too. Aimed at adults.

I am sending out limited edition of packs of collated art materials gathered from my stash of findings that I use for workshops to make either 2D collages or 3D sculpture. You will make the pieces at home and have options to share afterwards.

This idea comes from several strands-

– running the ‘Make Stuff Feel Good’ group ,being inspired by my local Facebook group Grow Porty’s exchange of ideas and plants, and a local knitting shop that makes up surprise packs of wool and patterns for customers who feel in need of a treat.

So I hand pick a selection of my loveliest papers and materials, collected over many years, new and second hand into packs ready for you to be creative at home. For local pick up or sent out by post. All within current social distancing and hygiene guidelines.
There will be illustrated instructions with each pack,

1. To make a ‘Tool for Now’, Make your own ‘Creativity unblocker, ‘Hope Envigorator’ or a ‘coping strategy finder’. I will supply a lovely mix of different materials, for you to come up with a tool to help you at the moment.

2. Nice pack of selected papers to make a collage , with a theme around wellbeing and resilience or what takes your fancy!


You get a surprise of lovely bits and bobs to cheer you up and get you thinking and making.

I have set up an Instagram page @makestuff_feelgood for sharing creations and collecting the story behind your object, if you wish. This could develop into a diary /account of these strange times and our wellbeing, as well as possible options are real or online exhibition, book or something else yet to be decided

 The pack will be available via email or by messaging  Facebook and Instagram.  

£10 each plus postage ( UK postage £1.64 collage, £3.70 Tool Kit) .