Buoyancy in Unprecedented Times

This is a new practice research project centring my commitment to climate activism within my art practice, extending my ongoing commitment to reconsider my practice as a tool to make a difference in the face of the climate emergency.

Last year I ran a successful initial iteration within a residency at Art Walk Porty in Edinburgh, encompassing participatory workshops and discussions, making a coracle sculpture and culminating in a ceremonial boat launch with local swimmers, singers and rowers.

I use the metaphor of floating and buoyance as the necessary strategies for emotional resilience in the face of uncertainty for our future.

I now am expanding and transposing this approach to other coastal location and adapting it to work alongside the expertise and commitment to environmental issues inherent in vibrant local community.

Jenny Pope, Buoyancy in Unprecedented Times

Building on my already existing artists network as well as making new connections, I propose to liaise with local groups of citizen scientists, rewilding initiatives, marine scientists, artists, sea swimmers and boat builders to find common concerns and interests in preparation for collaborations.

Locating myself alongside multi disciplinary and skilled local partners will enable me to co-create a thoughtful response to climate emergency, highlighting mental wellbeing, coping and positive action, exploring the unique local perspective, learn from people’s experience and contribute my fresh artistic perspective.

Jenny Pope, Buoyancy in Unprecedented Times, Image Jon Davey
Jenny Pope, Buoyancy in Unprecedented Times

In many ways this brings together separate parts of myself, as I initially studied physics at university, so whilst not pursuing that career I have a keen interest in science and how things work. I have also had a long and varied working life as a mental health worker, exploring many ways to enhance wellbeing, through training, listening and developing creative solutions with people. Paring these 2 strands with my passion for environmental issues and my art practice.

Please do get in touch if this resonates with you and you would like to discuss collaborating, have suggestion or are just curious to know more.

Video by Rachel McBrinn. Photographs by Jon Davey and Alison Chisholm