Land Mark 2020

Land Mark Residency 2020
Sea Masks

A residency as part of Art Walk Porty

Once used by ceramic workers in the Portobello’s bottle kilns, masks are now suddenly a part of our everyday lives. The symbol of personal protection and public health, anti-viral, clinical or homemade. Also worn against tear gas by human rights protesters worldwide.

Following on from my research last year about Portobello’s historic bottle kilns and industrial working conditions, these masked forms relate to the precautions workers took to protect themselves from the heat as they unloaded the ceramics. They now have additional meaning as we navigate the new uncertainties around Covid-19 virus, personal responsibility and public health. From the ubiquitous blue clinical mask to the homemade, designer or impromptu. Unfortunately dumped, along with gloves, as an increasing problem in the sea. I am also mindful of the strategies people use to protect themselves during demonstrations protesting their freedom and rights against police and repressive authorities around the world.

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