Jenny Pope, Leaf Signature

Leaf Signature

Limecrete, mixed aggregate, wood
2mx 20cmx 70cm

About this work

This form relates to the idea of each individual oak leaf has a different outline or profile and acts as a type of fingerprint. It was built originally for an exhibition at Caol Ruadh, Scottish Sculpture Park, where there are lots of oak trees. It was constructed by using limecrete in a fabric formed mould.

It was a desire to work on a larger scale that prompted research into materials and processes that would facilitate larger outdoor work to be made. A funded residency through AA2A (Artist’s Access to Art Colleges) at the Sunderland University’s Dept of Ceramics and Glass, allowed working on a bigger scale and exploring a range of fired and unfired materials. The resulting mixtures consist of limecrete (lime mortar used on older buildings and now appreciated for its reduced ecological footprint) and lightweight aggregates.

This piece has also been shown at Mellerstain House, Borders.

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