Jenny Pope, Personal Spaces

Patriot Hall exhibition

Mixed materials
2016 onwards

“Wellbeing takes us back to the primitiveness of the refuge”
Gaston Bachelard ‘The Poetics of Space’, Penguin, New York, 1958

These 2 and 3D pieces are part of an ongoing exploration into the idea of what it means to define our own personal space.
The starting point for the drawings is the experience of being in my workplace that can at times feel contained, confined, restricted and controlled which I then further respond to during my art practice in my studio. I delineate the physical space I require around my body; sitting, lying or standing on the paper, creating ‘curved corners’ in which to inhabit.
Moving between ideas of security blankets, cocoons, nests and shelters, these drawings and 3D objects all touch on the sense of seeking certainty and safety, both emotional and tangible.
Maquettes have become an ongoing series of doodles and the large textile sculptures playful experiments with felt, sewing and creating ambiguous spaces.

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