Jenny Pope, Sea Bone

Sea Bone

Limecrete and mixed aggregate
1m x 90cm x 50cm

About this work

These pieces, one white and one black, were built as an extension to the small porcelain bone pieces (Bone Collection) which acted as maquettes for the larger forms. The surface texture and rocklike surfaces were an important aesthetic, as was the bone type form of a hollow core. It was a desire to work on a larger scale that prompted research into materials and processes which would facilitate larger outdoor work to be made. A funded residency through AA2A (Artist’s Access to Art Colleges) at the Sunderland University’s Dept of Ceramics and Glass, allowed working on a bigger scale and exploring a range of fired and unfired materials. The resulting mixtures consist of limecrete ( lime mortar used on older buildings and now appreciated for its reduced ecological footprint)and lightweight aggregates .They are constructed by using an internal former or by fabric formed moulds.

These pieces have been shown at several exhibitions, including 3 Harbours Festival, in a structure in the middle of Cockenzie Harbour, at Caol Ruadh, Scottish Sculpture Park and at Threave National Trust Gardens

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