Jenny Pope, Seed Bank

Seed Bank

Porcelain, fishing line, steel, Perspex
1m x1m x 2m

About this work

This piece was selected as a finalist for the 2015 National Sculpture Prize 2015, at Broomhill, in Devon, and won a Judges Special Commendation.

There is a huge variety of seed shapes that are both exquisitely beautiful but entirely functional. They perform a variety of ways to propagate the parent plant successfully. The starting point for this sculpture was detailed drawings made of seeds and pods that have been collected and then used to abstract common forms.
Porcelain objects were made in response to these universal structures, highlighting commonalities such as fins, hollow curved surfaces, spikes, ridges etc. to show the immense variety that nature has produced. By using unglazed pure white porcelain, attention is drawn to the detail of these structures, often not observed, as they are so small and fragile.

The use of a formal linear display format alludes to museum collections, and the fragility and precariousness of many of our plant species.

Shown at Broomhill Art Foundation and Hotel, Devon, 2015/16

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