Jenny Pope, Personal Spaces

Tools for Survival

‘Tools for Survival’ an exhibition by Jenny Pope , Liz Douglas and Felicity Bristow
At The Briggate, Glasgow and then Hawick Museum, Scottish Borders, 2019-2020

Information taken from exhibition handout-
“a continuing conversation_
For this exhibition the artists have created new work that investigates ‘tools for survival’ with a specific focus on the urban environment of Glasgow and the rural environment of the Scottish Borders, using artefacts from Hawick and Selkirk Museum archives and Hawick museum and other relevant sources to inspire, question and challenge notions of what it is that is required to ‘support our survival’ in current times both on a personal level and in abstract in a contemporary visual context.

Jenny Pope
Jenny Pope is fascinated with tools, the human doer in her loves to collect rusty objects, catalogue, reconfigure, make and enquire. The human being in her asks questions around change processes, our ability to be open and fluid alongside our tendency to remain stuck.
She thinks of survival in psychological terms, she makes objects to convey both the desire for change as well as the ambivalence around the awkwardness of the process. In this exhibition Jenny Pope is combining the presentation of her object sculptures with disused surgical trolleys considering the current issues recognized and questions raised concerning our current environmental crisis.
In her work Jenny Pope endeavors to create talismans for hope in the future, along with mechanisms to deal with the difficult and often overwhelming overload of information from digital and personal sources.”

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