I will be part of a group exhibition during the Edinburgh Festival at Gayfield Creative Spaces. Running from 3rd to 7th August, Along with  Jane Roy, Alexandra Warren, James Reid and Mary Mackay, we will present work for a show entitled “Intimations”.

“Intimations” brings together five artists each developing their own language and perspective. A diversity emerges and yet there remains a constant. Records of intimations are uncovered; materials reveal a choice made and an understanding realised. Past and present experiences inevitably emerge through a continual dialogue with the material. There is significance in each response and choice. The physicality of the work unites each artist despite the personal response being unique and integral to the authenticity of the works.

This exhibition invites a dialogue but not simply one.

We are showing a range of work including drawings, paintings, photography and sculpture.

The artists are –

– Mary Mackay became a full time painter after graduating from Edinburgh College of Art.  She has studios in Edinburgh and Kippen. See marymackaystudio.co.uk

– Jenny Pope is showing work that is part of an ongoing exploration of personal space, using hanging drawings and 3D objects to delineate edges, boundaries and forms. See www.jennypope.com

– James Reid is a visual artist whose art practice uses lens based media to produce still imagery, time lapse sequences and video work. See www.jamesreidphotography.com

– Jane Roy studied Drawing and Painting at Glasgow School of Art. In parallel to her artwork she teaches part-time.

– Alexandra Warren was born NYC and grew up in Greece. She received a BFA(Painting) from RISD(USA). She paints in her studio in the Scottish Borders, where she has lived since 2003. www.alexandrawarren.co.uk